Understanding Sales & Marketing

For Developers, Engineers and Technical Founders

A systematic guide. Written for the way you think.

What if you could learn about sales and marketing in the same systematic way by which you learnt to use your programming skills to come up with a solution to a problem?

The core concepts that are necessary to gain a clear understanding of sales and marketing are actually quite systematic. But a lot of resources are not written for engineers or developers—a technical audience—whose careers have trained them to think systematically when problem-solving. Hence this guide.

This guide will help you:

Learn what to start first: building or promoting.

Learn when to start promoting your product.

Learn where to promote your product.

Learn how to promote your product, effectively.

Gain a clear intuition of the differences between:

  • sales vs. marketing;
  • inbound vs. outbound sales;
  • inbound vs. outbound marketing;
  • acquisition vs. distribution channel;
  • audience-first vs. product-first building;
  • product-led vs. marketing-led growth.

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